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October Golf Gear was created by a group of new golfers with one simple goal in mind.  To create a product that could be adjusted to the individual golfer on the fly, all while making it cool at the same time.   In the summer of 2013, the founder of October Golf Gear began playing golf at the ripe old age of 36.  With zero golfing experience and no idea how to swing a club, the journey and love of the game started.  Within weeks, the addiction set in and, before you knew it, golf was a way of life. 

What quickly became apparent to everyone at OGG was that, as new golfers, nobody had experience with what to buy or what to use.  Clubs came in all types of styles and prices, accessories covered the walls at every golf shop in the area, and things just became a blur.  Selecting clubs seemed easy enough because it had to do with feel and comfort. 

Once the basics got covered, it was time to accessorize.  Clothes, shoes, hats, towels, balls, and of course, bags soon came into focus.  After searching the massive amounts of bags on display at the local golf store, a light bulb moment happened.  Each and every bag was the same.  Each bag had a set of large pockets on the sides and a few small pockets in the middle.  Each company made the same thing in different colors with a different name on top.

The founders wondered what the deal was.  If you can buy four types of spike inserts for your shoes, why can you only buy bags in one configuration?  If you can select from twenty different drivers with CG this and weights that, why only standardized bags?  After all, this is the age of custom everything. 

Custom shafts, custom putters, custom balls.  You get the idea.  Golf is no stranger to customizing the sporting experience to the max, yet the most customizable sport in the world settles for a few styles of bags with the same overall design and function.  Something needed to be done. 

The founders wanted to play music when they golfed. They wanted to have a place to store their cigars on the way to the course.  They wanted the ability to take their valuables into the clubhouse after a round without dragging the entire bag inside.  Basically, they wanted their bag to be their bag, the way they wanted it!

OGG was born in that moment.  At October Golf Gear, the design and functionality is based on one main principle, have a high quality bag that allows infinite customization options but still covers the basics in style.   The concept of OGG bags is simple yet functional.  Each bag features the patented "Accessorail" system.  This system features a "Clip & Stick" attachment area that gives the bags endless amounts of custom options. 

Currently, there are four bags in the lineup.  The OGG "Hubs" come available in Stand Bag, Cart Bag, Staff Bag or Sunday Bag styles.  Fifteen different accessories make up the removable options that fit on each bag hub.  The system allows you to interchange each attachment from one bag to another.  It is truly an awesome experience to build your bag on the fly, exactly how you like it.

The first offerings of OGG products are now live and will continue to grow in the market.  The company is dedicated to listening to the customer and providing not only great products but products customers want.  The future is bright for OGG and bags will never be the same again.