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Q.  What is October Golf Gear?

A.  October Golf Gear or OGG is a new golf bag company designed around giving the customer the ability to set up their bag exactly how they want.


Q.  What makes October Golf Gear different from other bags?

A.  October Golf Gear uses an exclusive clip and stick "Accessorail System" that allows the golfer to customize their bags with various items.


Q.  How easy is it to attach and change out the accessories on the bags?

A.  All accessories are designed to stay on very well so they can take traveling and everyday use.  By pulling on the quick release tab on the bottom each accessory can be removed in seconds.


Q.  Do the accessories hold weight and can they support the different golf items carried by players?

A.  All October Golf Gear bags and accessories are designed with the best materials and constructed to take weight and heavy use without issues. 


Q. Can you mix and match the different accessories when ordering a bag from October Golf Gear?

A. Yes, every customer has the option to select any number of combinations that best fit their play style.  When starting with a blank bag hub you get the chance to set it up just how you like.


Q. Do you offer custom embroidery like names or logos on the bags?

A. Yes, we offer custom embroidery and can even design accessories with team colors if the order is large enough.


Q. Are October Golf Gear bags legal for tournament play?

A. Yes, all October Golf Gear products are tournament friendly and fall under standard golf rules for bags.


Q. Does October Golf Gear offer school or team discounts?

A. Yes, October Golf Gear has many options available for athletic programs or teams.  Please check the links at the very bottom of our home page for details. 


Q. I'm part of the press, how do I get information on samples for review articles or the latest news from October Golf Gear?   

A. We have several social media options that have the latest news and information on OGG products and events.  Press members can email us using the link on our home page to get information on future releases.


Q. Why should I buy OGG products?

A. We are a new company run by people who have an old style of business management.  We stand behind our products and our customers are our number one priority.  When you purchase an OGG product you are treated as one of the family.